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Private Tour in Champagne

In the heart of the French region world-renowned for its vineyards and historical heritage, INSTANTS TOURS offers you a privileged gateway to explore Champagne like never before. Specializing in the organization of private Champagne tours, our Reims-based company is your ideal guide for tailor-made experiences to suit your every whim. Whether you’re a wine connoisseur eager to discover the secrets of the great Champagne houses, or in search of a unique cultural adventure, INSTANTS TOURS is here to transform your trip into an unforgettable experience. Join us for a private Champagne tour. We promise not only to amaze you, but also to give you an intimate and exclusive perspective of this iconic region.

Why choose a private Champagne tour?

The essence of a private tour lies in the personalization and exclusivity it offers. Unlike standard group tours, a private Champagne tour with INSTANTS TOURS means that every detail of your trip is carefully designed to suit your personal preferences. You have total flexibility in choosing where to go, when to go, what to experience and even the pace of your day.

Champagne, with its rolling landscapes, endless vineyards and picturesque villages, is one of France’s jewels. Today, it is waiting to be explored. From the majestic cathedral of Reims to the prestigious avenues of Épernay, every corner of this region exudes the history and tradition of wine. That is why, when you choose a private Champagne tour, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the intimacy of this heritage. In fact, by visiting exclusive cellars and tasting exceptional vintages, often inaccessible to the general public, you will discover the riches this region abounds in.


Tailor-made services for an unforgettable experience

At INSTANTS TOURS, we understand that our customers are looking for an experience that goes beyond the conventional. That is why we offer fully customized tours that can begin at your Paris hotel, the airport, or any other location of your choice, providing you with the ultimate in convenience and exclusivity. Our personal pick-up service ensures that your Champagne adventure begins stress-free.

Our offer includes the creation of personalized itineraries. These will take you through the great names of Champagne as well as independent producers. You will discover the expertise and passion behind every bottle. We make it a point of honour to tailor our tours to individual preferences. Whether you are a connoisseur in search of hidden gems or a neophyte eager to learn the rudiments of winemaking. INSTANTS TOURS is your partner in creating a private Champagne tour that truly reflects your desires. Whether you would like to discover Dom Pérignon, the famous houses or explore the hidden treasures of our region’s small, independent winegrowers, we will know how to satisfy you.


Discovering the treasures of Champagne

Champagne, a region blessed by the gods, offers much more than a simple tasting of its world-famous sparkling elixir. It’s a journey through time, a sensory exploration that blends history, culture and the French art of living. INSTANTS TOURS invites you to discover these treasures, far from the usual tourist circuits, for a truly immersive and personalized experience.


Reims, city of Kings

Imagine a tour that begins in the cobbled streets of Reims, nicknamed the “City of Kings”. Here, the majestic Notre-Dame Cathedral, a masterpiece of Gothic art, stands proudly. It bears witness to the royal coronations that have marked the history of France. A private tour of Champagne not only allows you to admire its sculpted façade and colorful stained glass windows, but also to discover the stories hidden behind its centuries-old walls. And all away from the hustle and bustle of tourist groups.


Épernay, the Champagne Capital city

Your journey continues to Épernay, where the Avenue de Champagne reveals a string of prestigious houses. This street, sometimes compared to the Champs-Élysées in Paris, embodies the elegance and prestige of champagne. Beneath your feet, miles of vaulted cellars house countless bottles, patiently awaiting the moment of their tasting. A personalized tour opens the doors to these estates, where tradition and innovation meet to create the world’s most famous beverage.


Champagne, the region’s treasure

Beyond the wine, the Champagne region has gastronomic surprises in store, with culinary specialties that are the pride of the region. A tailor-made tour can easily incorporate gourmet moments, marrying local flavors with the finesse of champagne bubbles for a perfect harmony between your palate and your spirit.

When you choose INSTANTS TOURS for your private Champagne tour, you’re opting for an exclusive adventure. In fact, each stage is carefully selected to meet your every desire. From the great names to the best-kept secrets, we guide you on an unforgettable journey. It’s designed to capture the very essence of Champagne, leaving you with indelible memories and a deep desire to rediscover this magical region.


Why is INSTANTS TOURS your best choice for a private excursion?

When it comes to discovering Champagne, the difference lies in the details and expertise that transform a simple visit into a truly memorable experience. Indeed, INSTANTS TOURS, with its personalized approach and in-depth knowledge of the region, stands out as your ideal guide for a private Champagne tour. That’s why we’re the preferred choice for those seeking excellence and authenticity.


In-depth local expertise: Reims, Epernay…

Our team is made up of passionate, experienced professionals who know the Champagne region like the back of their hand. We offer you privileged access to carefully selected experiences that go beyond traditional tourist itineraries. What’s more, we have close relationships with champagne houses and winemakers. As a result, we are able to organize luxury champagne tours in Reims and private tastings. These are not open to the general public. This expertise enables us to immerse you in the region’s history, culture and traditions, providing you with unique and enriching insights.


Ultimate personalization of your wine experience

At INSTANTS TOURS, we believe that every visitor is unique, with his or her own interests and desires. That’s why we take the time to understand your personal preferences. This allows us to create tailor-made wine tours that perfectly match your expectations. Are you a seasoned wine enthusiast in search of rare vintages? Would you like to explore the cultural richness of the Champagne region? At INSTANTS TOURS, we tailor every detail of your trip to make it as unique as you are.


Champagne tasting, gourmet dining: an unrivalled experience

Our commitment to exceptional quality is reflected in every aspect of our VIP Champagne tours. From the pick-up at your hotel or airport by our private chauffeur in Champagne, to the organization of gourmet meals with the region’s finest chefs, to the tasting of rare champagnes, every moment is designed for your pleasure and comfort. We strive to create unforgettable memories. As such, we ensure that every experience is executed with the highest level of professionalism. It’s worth noting that we pay particular attention to detail.


A warm welcome for our international clientele

At the heart of our service is the ability to welcome and communicate effectively with our international clientele, especially those who speak English. Indeed, our multilingual team ensures that the language barrier is never an obstacle to your discovery of Champagne. We’re proud to share our love of this exceptional region with visitors from all over the world. To do this, we create cultural bridges that enrich every excursion.


When you choose INSTANTS TOURS for your next private Champagne tour, you’re choosing a personalized adventure. One that will exceed all expectations. Indeed, our passion for Champagne, combined with our commitment to excellence and personalization, makes us the ideal partner to explore this iconic region in an authentic and unforgettable way.


How to organize your private tailor-made tour with INSTANTS TOURS?

INSTANTS TOURS’ promise is simple. We want to turn your vision of the perfect Champagne getaway into reality, with no effort on your part. Here’s how we make that promise a reality, step by step:


First contact

It all starts with a conversation. So contact us via our website, by phone or by e-mail. We’re here to listen to your wishes, understand your specific interests and answer all your questions.

Personalized consultation

Following your initial contact, we arrange a consultation, either in person or remotely. This meeting allows us to discuss your preferences in detail. It’s also an opportunity to discuss with you the type of experiences you’re looking for, your budget and any other specific requests. This is the time to share your dreams and expectations for your private Champagne tour.

Design of a tailor-made itinerary

Based on the information we gather, we create a personalized itinerary that perfectly matches your wishes. Each proposal is flexible and can be adjusted until you are completely satisfied with the plan.

Confirmation and anticipation

Once the final itinerary has been approved, we take care of all the necessary arrangements. So you can relax and look forward to your trip without worry.


When you choose INSTANTS TOURS, you’re opting for a unique experience. That’s because we think carefully about every detail to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We aim to make the organization of your private Champagne tour as enjoyable and exciting as the experience itself.


Exceptional memories thanks to your tailor-made event

The experience of a “Private Champagne Tour” with INSTANTS TOURS is much more than a simple sightseeing tour. It’s a deep immersion in the luxury, culture and tradition of one of France’s most emblematic regions. Our dedication to excellence, our attention to detail, and our passion for Champagne enable us to create tailor-made trips that go far beyond your expectations.

When you choose INSTANTS TOURS, you’re choosing an experience designed exclusively for you. Indeed, we think of every moment to enrich your stay and create memories that will last a lifetime. From the historic majesty of Reims to the timeless elegance of Épernay, from charming vineyards to passionate producers, every aspect of your private Champagne tour is a new page in your discovery book.