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Luxury Champagne Tour in Reims

When luxury meets tradition, an exceptional experience is born. INSTANTS TOURS, your specialist for personalized tours in the prestigious Champagne region, invites lovers of fine bubbles to discover Reims and Épernay in a whole new light. With our luxury Champagne tours, specially designed for customers in search of exclusivity, we promise you much more than just a tasting session. Embark with us on a memorable adventure, where every details of your tour is carefully crafted to meet your most refined desires. “Luxury Champagne Tours in Reims” is not just a catchword; it is a promise of excellence and unforgettable discoveries.




Exclusivity is at the heart of our philosophy. At INSTANTS TOURS, we understand that true luxury lies in attention to the smallest details, and in the ability to offer tailor-made experiences that go beyond expectations. Our private minivan tours are the embodiment of this quest for perfection. From the moment we pick you up from your hotel, airport or any other location, every moment is designed for your comfort and satisfaction.

Imagine gliding through the verdant vineyards of the Champagne region. All from the comfort of a top-of-the-range Mercedes vehicle, where privacy and luxury envelop you. This personalized approach is reflected in our flexible offer, with no predefined packages or online tours. Your trip with us is unique, designed specifically for you. Whether you want to explore the great champagne houses, immerse yourself in the world of passionate independent growers, or explore in depth the riches of Reims and Épernay. INSTANTS TOURS is your key to exclusive Champagne experiences. Here, every glass tasted tells the story of the unique savoir-faire of this region blessed by the gods.



Journey to the heart of the Champagne vineyards



Champagne is a land of contrasts and wonders. Indeed, each vineyard, each village holds a part of the history and magic of Champagne. INSTANTS TOURS takes you on a journey of discovery through this emblematic region, offering an immersive experience in the picturesque landscapes that gave birth to the king of wines. Our journey begins in Reims, a place steeped in history. We then move on to Épernay and the champagne villages that dot the champagne route.

Each Luxe Champagne tour in Reims is a unique opportunity to explore both illustrious and unsuspected estates, from the great champagne houses, guardians of centuries-old traditions, to small independent producers, true artisans of unique flavors. This diversity offers an unparalleled wealth of tastings and encounters. Likewise, the vineyards, with their sun-drenched hillsides, ancestral cellars and exceptional vintages, become the stage for memorable experiences. Our private Champagne tours guarantee an intimate and comfortable exploration of these treasures. They will reveal the region’s well-kept secrets.






Champagne’s richness is not limited to its landscapes. It also reveals itself in the variety and complexity of its champagnes. INSTANTS TOURS guides you on a sensory journey, exploring the subtle nuances that distinguish the different types of champagne. From the vigor of a vintage, reflecting the excellence of a particular year, to the purity of a non-dosé, each champagne tells a story.

We plunge into the world of oak-aged champagnes, where the wood lends the wine complex, enveloping notes. Mono cépages, rare and precious, offer a singular expression of a single grape variety. Rosés de saignée, meanwhile, seduce with their color and bold character. And let’s not forget the old champagnes, witnesses to times gone by, revealing aromas of unparalleled richness.

Through carefully selected tastings during a Champagne de Luxe tour in Reims, INSTANTS TOURS unveils the diversity of champagne, inviting you to discover its many facets. In this way, each glass becomes an open door to the world, an invitation to savor the luxury and beauty of the region.






When you choose INSTANTS TOURS for your Champagne getaway, you are opting for unrivalled expertise and a genuine passion for wine and the region. Our distinction is based on in-depth knowledge of the vineyards, meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering desire to exceed our customers’ expectations.

INSTANTS TOURS’ expertise lies in the ability to create magical, unforgettable moments, where luxury and authenticity meet in harmony. Indeed, we offer privileged access to exclusive experiences, from private tastings in centuries-old cellars to intimate encounters with passionate family growers who willingly share their know-how and stories. These privileged moments allow us to understand the very essence of champagne, beyond its worldwide reputation.

Our personalized service is another pillar of our excellence. In fact, every de Luxe Champagne tour in Reims is carefully planned to match your interests and preferences. This guarantees an experience that is entirely dedicated to you. Whether you are looking to celebrate a special event, enrich your knowledge of champagne, or simply escape into luxury, INSTANTS TOURS is on hand to make every de Luxe Champagne tour in Reims a memorable one.


Private tours in a minivan: the comfort of exclusivity

A trip to the Champagne vineyards with INSTANTS TOURS is an experience in itself. Indeed, it will be marked by the comfort and exclusivity of our luxury minivans and driver-guides specialists of the Champagne region. Designed with your well-being in mind, our vehicles offer a private and elegant space in which to relax while contemplating the countryside. In this way, they transform every journey into an integral part of the luxury experience.

Choosing a private minivan for your tours underlines our commitment to exclusivity and personalization. As a small group, you benefit from total flexibility. Whether it is in choosing your destinations or managing your time. This allows for spontaneous stops to capture the beauty of the region, or to deepen your discovery of a vineyard that has particularly touched you, thanks to a Luxury Champagne Tour in Reims.

This personalized approach extends to the ability to fully customize your itinerary. Are you drawn to the history of the great champagne houses? Would you like to explore the secrets of independent producers? Or are you simply in search of the finest Champagne panoramas? Our Champagne tours with a private driver-guide and Mercedes full-option mini-van promise a unique and memorable adventure to match your most luxurious dreams.


The two jewels of the Champagne region: Reims and Épernay

Reims and Épernay, two jewels of France’s Champagne region, are the beating heart of champagne production, the sparkling wine that has conquered the world.

Reims, city of the Sacres

Often dubbed the “City of Kings”, Reims is famous for its majestic Notre-Dame Cathedral. Many kings of France have been crowned in this masterpiece of Gothic art. The city is also renowned for its prestigious champagne houses. Some of them boast immense cellars dug into the chalk, ideal for a luxury Champagne tour in Reims.

Épernay, the Champagne Capital city

Épernay, also called the “Capital City of Champagne”, is distinguished by its emblematic Avenue de Champagne. Sumptuous mansions and vast cellars line the Avenue. These are overflowing with millions of bottles of champagne that age to perfection. The Avenue is often compared to the Champs-Élysées for its elegance and importance in the world of champagne.

Together, Reims and Épernay form the epicenter of the Champagne region. Indeed, they attract wine lovers and visitors from all over the world eager to discover the secrets of champagne-making, explore historic cellars, and immerse themselves in the cultural and historical richness of this unique region.


Business Clientele: a new dimension for your professional events

INSTANTS TOURS transcends the ordinary. Our aim is to offer companies a unique opportunity to make a lasting impression through corporate events, incentives or seminars in Champagne. Our tailor-made approach transforms each event into an immersive experience. It will reflect the excellence and uniqueness of your brand or company.

Imagine organizing a seminar at the heart of a prestigious Champagne house. We’ll immerse your staff or clients in the art of winemaking, punctuated by inspiring work sessions. Would you like to organize a team-building event combining luxurious relaxation and enriching discoveries? We could arrange a luxury champagne tour in Reims. This will strengthen team bonds while enjoying the exclusivity of our private excursions. INSTANTS TOURS makes these visions a reality. Indeed, we provide an unforgettable setting that stimulates innovation and celebrates success.

Thanks to our extensive network and local expertise, we orchestrate tailor-made events. These go beyond expectations. In fact, they guarantee not only a strong professional impact, but also lasting memories for all participants.


An exclusive tour of the Champagne region

With INSTANTS TOURS, every luxury champagne tour in Reims is a gateway to an exceptional world. From the meticulous discovery of the vineyards to the personalization of every detail of your tour, we are committed to offering an unparalleled experience. Here, luxury, authenticity and a passion for champagne blend harmoniously.

Looking for a rewarding personal adventure? Would you like to celebrate an extraordinary corporate event? INSTANTS TOURS is your ally in creating unforgettable moments. Our dedication to excellence and in-depth knowledge of Champagne allow us to transcend the conventional. As a result, we transform every luxury champagne tour in Reims into a unique exploration of beauty, tradition and refinement.

We invite you to contact us and begin the journey of champagne discovery with INSTANTS TOURS. After all, every glass tasted, every landscape admired and every moment shared is a celebration of life. So let us guide you through the golden vineyards of Champagne, to experiences that will live long in your memory. With INSTANTS TOURS, your quest for luxury champagne in Reims becomes a dazzling reality.