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Private Driver in Champagne : The Luxury of Freedom

Welcome to the world of INSTANTS TOURS, your gateway to a unique Champagne experience. Specializing in tailor-made tours, we offer you the unique opportunity to discover the prestigious Champagne region through the eyes of a local thanks to your driver-guide specialist of the Champagne region, while being enveloped in luxury and comfort. Our “Private Chauffeur in Champagne” service is designed for those looking to experience exceptional moments, far from traditional tourist itineraries, with the promise of a personalized and memorable adventure.

Why choose a private driver in Champagne?

Champagne, with its rolling landscapes and endless vineyards, offers an idyllic backdrop for a romantic getaway, a special celebration or simply an immersion in the world of champagne. That’s why discovering this region with a private driver in Champagne represents the ultimate expression of luxury and personalization.


Total Freedom

Forget worries about navigation and parking. With a private driver in Champagne, your only concern will be choosing the next destination to explore. This freedom allows you to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of Champagne, without the constraints of driving.

A feast for the eyes and the palate

Admire the picturesque landscapes and historic vineyards from the comfort of your private minivan. Enjoy champagne tastings without worrying about alcohol levels, knowing that your return will be secured by your dedicated driver.

Flexibility and personalization

Every luxury champagne tour in Reims is unique, designed especially for you. So whether you want to explore the great champagne houses, discover independent family producers or simply marvel at the historic sites of Reims and Épernay, your driver will adapt to your wishes for a tailor-made experience.

Confort and luxury

Our luxury full option Mercedes minivans guarantee a journey in comfort and elegance. Enjoy space and top-of-the-range amenities as you move from one point of interest to another.


When you choose INSTANTS TOURS for your Champagne adventure, you are opting for an experience that combines the comfort of upscale service with the cultural and wine-growing richness of this iconic region. So let us take the wheel, and get ready to experience unforgettable moments.


Personalized discovery of Champagne treasures with a private vehicle

With INSTANTS TOURS and your private chauffeur in Champagne, immerse yourself in a personalized exploration of the vineyards and champagne houses. The latter are the reason for the region’s worldwide reputation. From Reims to Épernay, passing through the enchanting vineyards of the Montagne de Reims, the Marne Valley, the Côte des Blancs and the Côte des Bar, each route reveals unique landscapes and flavors.

Reims, with its iconic cellars and majestic cathedral, offers a captivating blend of history and winemaking tradition. Your driver will guide you through this historic city, opening the doors of leading champagne houses for private tastings.

Épernay, also called the Capital of Champagne, and its famous Avenue de Champagne, is home to some of the most illustrious names in Champagne. Beneath the Avenue, miles of cellars store countless bottles, which you can discover on exclusive tours.

The Montagne de Reims, the Marne Valley, the Côte des Blancs and the Côte des Bar present distinct terroirs, offering your palate a diversity of tastes and textures. Stops at independent winegrowers offer authentic encounters and tastings of exceptional cuvées. These are often little-known to the general public.


Four magnificent vineyards to discover


Montagne de Reims

Situated between Reims and Épernay, this area is famous for its forests and vineyards planted mainly with Pinot Noir. The area’s unique terroir, composed of chalky limestone soils, offers ideal conditions for growing this grape variety. Indeed, it gives rise to structured, powerful champagnes. The Grand Cru villages of the Montagne de Reims, such as Verzy, Verzenay and Mailly-Champagne, are renowned for their fine wines and exceptional views over the region.

Marne Valley

The Marne Valley, stretching from west of Épernay to east of Château-Thierry, is dominated by the Meunier grape variety. The influence of the Marne River creates a microclimate that favors the ripening of this grape. As a result, champagnes from this area have a characteristic fruitiness and suppleness. The rolling landscapes and charming villages along the Marne add to the charm of this Grand Cru region.

Côte des Blancs

The Côte des Blancs, south of Épernay, is an exceptional terroir devoted mainly to Chardonnay. Chardonnay is one of Champagne’s white grape varieties. This area is renowned for its elegant, refined champagnes, offering unrivalled minerality and finesse. The village of Cramant, in particular, is famous for its blanc de blancs champagnes of exceptional quality.

Côte des Bar

The Côte des Bar, located further south in the Aube region, boasts a slightly more temperate climate and predominantly clay-limestone soils. Although farther from Champagne’s two main cities, Reims and Épernay, this region has made a name for itself thanks to its high-quality Pinot Noir. The vineyards around villages like Les Riceys and Bar-sur-Aube produce champagnes with a distinct personality. Indeed, a certain roundness and generous fruitiness mark these champagnes.


Each region contributes to the complex and fascinating diversity of Champagne. Each offers wine lovers a palette of flavors and aromas to discover, underlining the richness and diversity of this exceptional terroir.

An Immersion in the World of Champagne

Your private chauffeur in Champagne invites you to a fun and educational tasting of the different types of champagne. Whether vintage, expressing the quintessence of a particular year, or non-dosed, offering remarkable purity and precision, every glass tasted is a discovery.

Oak-aged champagnes reveal unique complexity and depth. Single-varietal champagnes highlight the uniqueness of each grape variety. Finally, rosés de saignée, with their specific production method, enchant with their intensity and fragrance.

Particular attention is paid to old champagnes. These aged treasures tell the story of the evolution of taste over time. Your driver will take you to discover these rare vintages, during private tours and exclusive tastings.

Thanks to INSTANTS TOURS, every moment spent in Champagne becomes an experience rich in discovery and pleasure. It underlines the diversity and excellence of the region’s champagnes.


The advantages of a private chauffeur: excellence and exclusivity

Choosing INSTANTS TOURS for your Champagne adventure with a private chauffeur transcends a simple vineyard tour. Indeed, it means embracing an experience where every detail is carefully orchestrated to meet your highest expectations. Here’s why our service stands out:


In-depth local expertise

Our drivers, true connoisseurs of the Champagne region, take you off the beaten track. They’ll reveal hidden gems and untold stories to enrich your journey.

Unrivalled flexibility

Far from standardized offers, each excursion is tailor-made. Your private chauffeur in Champagne will spontaneously adapt to your wishes. So, whether you want to extend a favorite visit or discover a producer on the spur of the moment, your private chauffeur will cater to your every whim.

Security and peace of mind

Enjoy worry-free tastings thanks to our secure return guarantee. Our service allows you to relax and enjoy every moment, without worrying about alcohol levels.

Door-to-door service

With pick-up available from hotels and airports, your journey begins as soon as you board our vehicles. That’s the promise of a smooth, seamless experience.


The comfort and luxury of our private minivans

Traveling with INSTANTS TOURS also means enjoying the exclusivity and comfort of our private minivans. Designed with your well-being in mind, they are the perfect setting for your discovery of the Champagne region:


Space and Privacy

Our vehicles are spacious and elegantly appointed. They offer an intimate and comfortable setting for you and your traveling companions. Likewise, you’ll be able to share unique, relaxing moments between each visit.


On board, every detail has been thought of for your comfort – soft leather seats, adjustable air-conditioning and refreshments to make your journey a pleasant one.

Panoramic Views

The large windows offer a breathtaking view of the Champagne countryside. So you don’t miss a thing of the region’s beauty, and you can travel in style.

Flexible itineraries

Choosing a private vehicle gives you the freedom to explore at your own pace. In fact, you can adjust the itinerary along the way for a totally personalized experience.


Let’s conclude our exploration of the exclusive private chauffeur services in Champagne offered by INSTANTS TOURS, summing up the essence of this luxurious experience.


An unforgettable Champagne experience with INSTANTS TOURS

When you choose INSTANTS TOURS for your Champagne tour with a private chauffeur, you’re opting for an extraordinary adventure, where luxury, comfort and personalization combine to create memories that will last a lifetime. Indeed, our tailor-made excursions offer much more than just a visit to the Champagne vineyards. They are a gateway to the richness and diversity of an emblematic region, explored in exceptional conditions of comfort and exclusivity.

We invite you to take the plunge! Let INSTANTS TOURS guide you on an exceptional discovery of the Champagne region. So, whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway, a tasty adventure or a special moment of relaxation, our private chauffeur service in Champagne promises unrivalled satisfaction.

Contact INSTANTS TOURS today to schedule your personalized Champagne tour. You’re in for an experience that will redefine the way you travel and discover Champagne. Let us turn your dream into reality and make your private Champagne tour an exceptional experience.