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Your Incentive in Champagne

The evolution of the professional world underlines a growing need for companies to stand out, not only in their fields of activity, but also in the way they value and motivate their teams. It is against this backdrop that the idea of corporate seminars, far removed from conventional meeting rooms, is gaining in popularity. These out-of-the-ordinary gatherings are designed to strengthen bonds between colleagues, stimulate creativity and provide a beneficial breathing space for the future. Champagne is one of the most popular destinations for such events. The “Champagne Incentive” concept has emerged as an ideal solution, combining the excellence of a world-renowned wine heritage with original team-building activities. This approach strengthens team cohesion and boosts motivation in a setting that is both prestigious and inspiring.

Why choose Champagne for your corporate seminar?



Champagne, with its World Heritage-listed cultural landscape, legendary champagne houses and endless vineyards, offers an exceptional setting for seminars. Choosing this region for a business event means offering participants an unforgettable experience. Indeed, it means combining work and pleasure in a stimulating and luxurious environment. Reims, Épernay and other emblematic locations in the Champagne region welcome teams with their rich history and renowned gastronomy. This promises unique moments of relaxation and conviviality.

Beyond champagne tasting, the activities on offer in the region foster team spirit and creativity. These are key elements in the success of a seminar in Champagne. Moreover, the exclusive atmosphere of the Champagne region, combined with the possibility of personalizing every detail of the event, makes it a destination of choice for companies wishing to make a long lasting impression and motivate their staff in a significant way.




Exclusive offer: team building, catering, accommodation, transport



INSTANTS TOURS stands out in the world of business tourism by offering corporate seminars in Champagne that are out of the ordinary. With a resolutely personalized approach, INSTANTS TOURS invites companies to discover the region through private Champagne tours. These unique experiences are tailor-made, in minivans or VIP coaches. This offers flexibility and intimacy that groups would not find with more traditional means of transport.

INSTANTS TOURS’ turnkey service covers every aspect of organizing a seminar in Champagne. From the selection of the most emblematic venues for meetings and team-building activities, to top-of-the-range catering, accommodation and transportation. Each proposal is tailor-made to meet the specific objectives of the client company, whether to strengthen team cohesion, boost motivation or celebrate successes. Participants benefit from an immersive experience. This experience is enriched by the discovery of Champagne Grands Crus and by exclusive activities that leave a lasting impression.




The importance of personalization in the organization of your corporate event



In a world where user experience and personalization have become key differentiation criteria, INSTANTS TOURS applies these principles to the organization of corporate seminars. Understanding the specific needs of each company enables INSTANTS TOURS to create tailor-made events. In this way, they truly reflect the culture and objectives of each organization. This customization touches on every aspect of the Champagne seminar, from the choice of activities, to the selection of wines and champagnes to be tasted, to the theme of the business meetings.

Personalization offers many advantages. Not only does it meet the expectations of each company, it also maximizes the impact of the event on participants. By being immersed in experiences that resonate with their interests and their company’s values, participants are more engaged and motivated. They also leave with a stronger sense of belonging. Thanks to its local expertise and in-depth knowledge of the Champagne region, INSTANTS TOURS is the ideal partner for companies looking to offer their teams a seminar that successfully combines work, discovery and pleasure.




Advantages of travelling in private minivans oR VIP COACHES



One of the unique features of INSTANTS TOURS’ offer is the use of minivans for travel during seminars in Champagne. This choice is not insignificant, and offers a series of considerable advantages for companies and their teams. Firstly, minivans guarantee a more intimate and personalized experience. Groups can travel together in optimal comfort. This proximity encourages informal exchanges and strengthens team cohesion outside the formal framework of meetings.

Secondly, traveling in minivans offers unrivalled flexibility. It offers the possibility of adjusting itineraries in real time according to group preferences or weather conditions. This flexibility is essential for exploring the Champagne region. In fact, it offers the freedom to stop off at vineyards for spontaneous tastings or to take in the picturesque scenery as the mood takes you.

Moreover, safety issues are given the utmost attention. Participants can relax and enjoy champagne tastings without worrying about the implications of drinking and driving. The minivans, driven by a private driver in Champagne, ensure a safe return for all.

Finally, this approach allows participants to concentrate fully on the experience, admiring the Champagne countryside without the distractions of navigation or parking. This contributes to a more enjoyable and memorable overall experience, where well-being and discovery take center stage.

Of course, for larger groups, we can provide VIP coaches. We can also offer the same type of service if you prefer the whole group to travel in the same vehicle. Once again, everything can be customized to suit your needs and budget.


The activities on offer: Incentive and Team Building in Champagne

INSTANTS TOURS enriches the corporate seminar experience with a wide range of team building and incentive activities. These are designed to strengthen team cohesion and stimulate motivation in an exceptional setting. The activities on offer draw on the richness of the Champagne region, offering unique experiences that go beyond simple wine tasting.


Interactive champagne workshops

Participants can immerse themselves in the art of winemaking at renowned producers or discover the secrets of small family-run houses. This encourages team spirit through interactive workshops. These experiences are not only entertaining but also educational. It gives participants a new perspective on the champagne-making process.

Moments of discovery and relaxation

For those seeking a touch of adventure, outdoor activities can be organized in picturesque settings. For example, this can take the form of treasure hunts in the vineyards, or guided hikes on the Montagne de Reims and in the Marne Valley. These moments of relaxation and discovery help to break down professional barriers. They also help to bind teams together in an informal and stimulating environment.

Activities to encourage reflection and creativity

Seminars can also include brainstorming sessions or professional development workshops. These can be organized in inspiring locations, offering breathtaking views of the Champagne hillsides. The aim is to provide a setting conducive to reflection and creativity, away from the usual hustle and bustle of the office.


By integrating these activities into a turnkey seminar, INSTANTS TOURS ensures an enriching experience. It’s sure to leave a lasting impression on participants long after they’ve returned to work. It’s this unique combination of work, pleasure and discovery that makes seminars in Champagne an unrivalled option for companies wishing to invest in the well-being and performance of their teams.


How INSTANTS TOURS guarantees an unforgettable experience

INSTANTS TOURS is committed to delivering an unforgettable Champagne seminar. This is made possible by meticulous attention to detail and a thorough knowledge of the region. The success of each seminar is based on actively listening to the specific needs and objectives of each company. This allows us to design programs and private excursions in Champagne that are entirely tailor-made.

A rigorous selection of local partners ensures the quality of our services. This includes, for example, the choice of wineries, restaurateurs and team-building activity providers. All are chosen for their excellence and their ability to create memorable moments.

The INSTANTS TOURS difference also lies in our ability to transform professional events into real life experiences. Testimonials from previous clients underline the positive impact of these seminars on team dynamics. They praise the quality of the organization, the beauty of the landscapes discovered, and the originality of the activities proposed. INSTANTS TOURS’ promise is simple: to exceed expectations and leave a lasting impression on participants.


How to organize a seminar in Champagne with INSTANTS TOURS

Would you like to organize a seminar in Champagne? Choose INSTANTS TOURS, a unique adventure that transcends the traditional framework of corporate events. It’s an invitation to explore, discover and gather in an environment where natural beauty, rich culture and gastronomic delights come together. It offers an exceptional setting for reflection, collaboration and celebration.

By focusing on personalization, quality and innovation, INSTANTS TOURS creates unique seminars. They don’t just meet today’s corporate needs for team building and motivation. They anticipate and set industry standards. Are you a company looking for a seminar that will leave a lasting impression and strengthen the bonds between your employees? INSTANTS TOURS offers you a turnkey solution, guaranteeing an unparalleled experience. It’s an opportunity to strengthen team cohesion and celebrate successes in an unforgettable setting. This is the promise of INSTANTS TOURS and the magic of Champagne.