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Visiting The Oldest Champagne House : Ruinart

Champagne icon with a worldwide recognition, Ruinart is the symbol of French excellence. Let’s have a closer look at the story of this pioneer !

Sparkling wine is already knowed in France but has no official name when Nicolas Ruinart established the very first Champagne House in 1729. The pomp that Louis XIV instaured in his court was still present after his death, and benefit well to the Ruinart House, which known a phenomenal success! Consequently Nicolas decided to abandon the cloth trade to entirely dedicate himself to the Champagne production…


Middle of the 18th Century: Ruinart acquires some chalk cellars located underneath Reims. Those cellars, dug by hand on more than 8km long, have the required characteristics for the maturation of Ruinart wines. Those cathedrals of chalk are now UNESCO listed!

1817: François Irénée Ruinart is ennobled by Louis XVIII, and thus has his own coat of arms which is still printed on Champagne bottles!

1919: After her husband’s death, the Viscountess Charlotte took the helm of Ruinart until her son was old enough to succeed in 1925. “The Regent” add herself on the short list of women who leaded a Champagne House, and put the House back on its feet after the First World War.

1962: Moët & Chandon acquieres Ruinart, and become part of the famous LVMH group.

Since 1896, Ruinart develop its artistic collaborations. The very first production is an advertising poster designed by the Czech artist Alphonse Mucha! Since then, lots of projects and artists have collaborated with the House, among others:

  • Eva JospinCarte Blanche 2023 « Promenade en Champagne »
  • Jeppe Hein Carte Blanche 2022 « Récits de Champagne »
  • David Shrigley Carte Blanche 2020 – 2021, série d’oeuvres
  • Vik Muniz Carte Blanche 2019, série d’oeuvres
  • Liu Bolin Carte Blanche 2018, série d’oeuvres
  • Jaume Plensa Carte Blanche 2017, série d’oeuvres

Through all its collaborations, the House Ruinart proves its hability to combines authenticity, modernity and quality.

Is it possible to visit Ruinart ?

Ruinart House is open to visitors, we will be glad to arrange cellar tours, tastings, private pairing lunch or diner in the prestigious setting of the House.

NB : Please note as this is one of the most requested Champagne House,
therefore availability is low and it is better to book weeks/months in advance