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Private tour of Reims Cathedral

Reims and its iconic cathedral occupy an important place in French history and culture. Known for its rich past, the city of Reims is a jewel of the Champagne region. From its origins as a powerful Roman city to its role as the site of the royal coronations, Reims offers a unique blend of history, art and architecture. Our INSTANTS TOURS travel agency offers exclusive guided tours of Reims and its magnificent cathedral. We guarantee an unforgettable cultural experience for all those curious about the region’s past.

The Historical City of Reims

From Roman Roots to French Glory

This city has a long and rich history dating back to the Roman Empire, when it was known as Durocortorum. As the capital of the province of Gallia-Belgica, it was an important and influential city. Vestiges of its Roman past are still visible in its architecture and layout, offering a fascinating glimpse into ancient times.

The City of Coronations

In the early Middle Ages, Western Europe was a collection of independent kingdoms. Each sought to dominate its neighbors. The Champagne region, including Reims, was controlled by the Franks, a Germanic tribe led by Clovis. Initially a pagan, Clovis greatly expanded his kingdom and laid the foundations of modern France. At the end of the 5th century, Clovis converted to Christianity in Reims, thereby strengthening the link between the French monarchy and the Church. This crucial event made Reims the site of the coronation of 33 kings of France, earning it the title of “Ville des Sacres”.

Reims Cathedral

A Gothic Masterpiece

The cathedral is a magnificent example of Gothic architecture. Built from the late 13th century onwards, this majestic structure surpasses even Notre-Dame de Paris in size and ornamentation. In 1991, it was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, underlining its cultural and historical importance. The cathedral’s intricate design, imposing spires, and exquisite stained glass windows make it a must-see for any visitor to the Champagne region.

Coronations and Royalty

Its history is deeply linked to the French monarchy. From the baptism of Clovis to the coronations of the kings of France, Notre-Dame de Reims has been the scene of numerous royal ceremonies. Consequently, the cathedral’s grandeur made it the ideal venue for these prestigious events, symbolizing the divine right and legitimacy of the French monarchy. The last coronation to take place here was that of Charles X in 1825.

The Palais du Tau

The Palais du Tau is currently being renovated until summer 2025. This former palace, located next to the cathedral, belonged to the Archbishop. Moreover, this historic building served as a residence for kings before their coronation. Today, it’s a museum displaying artifacts related to the cathedral and coronation ceremonies. Here, you will see coronation regalia, tapestries, and other treasures that highlight the grandeur of Reims’ royal past.


The Historical Legacy of Reims

The Birth of A Nation

The history of the city is incomplete without mentioning Clovis and the Franks. Clovis’ conversion to Christianity in Reims marked the beginning of a profound transformation for France. By establishing a link between the monarchy and the Church, Clovis laid the foundations of the French state. Moreover, this link was reinforced at each subsequent coronation in Reims, thus cementing the city’s status as the central symbol of France’s royal heritage.

Reims Today

Modern Reims is a dynamic city that honors its rich past while embracing contemporary culture. As you stroll its streets, you can see the harmonious fusion of ancient and modern. Admire its historic buildings alongside lively cafés and boutiques. Furthermore, the city’s commitment to preserving its heritage while fostering a vibrant urban environment makes it a fascinating destination for travelers.

Your Exclusive Guided Tour

We offer an exclusive guided tour of the Notre Dame de Reims Cathedral, led by a private expert guide. Our tours are designed to provide a deep and enriching experience, allowing you to fully appreciate the cathedral’s historical and architectural significance. As you walk through the cathedral’s grand aisles, our guide will share fascinating insights and stories about its royal history and Gothic design.

The City of Reims and its Cathedral are much more than historical sites. They are emblematic of France’s cultural and royal heritage. Our luxury tours offer an unrivalled opportunity to explore this remarkable city and its iconic cathedral in depth. From the grandeur of the coronations to the intricate beauty of Gothic architecture, Reims offers a unique and enriching experience for every visitor. Embark on a journey through history, art and royalty in the heart of the Champagne region.