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Welcome to Champagne

A unique ‘terroir’

Come and discover the Champagne region and its ‘terroir’, where the most prestigious of the sparkling wines takes its origins. You will learn the singularity for the Champagne vineyards : its soil, its subsoil, its climate… all those characteristics that make it so unique.

Roam around the sloping vineyard and meet the men who shaped this beautiful landscape. Local producers will teach you the ‘savoir-faire’ they learn from generation to generation.

Discover the villages ranked “Premier Cru” and “Grand Cru”, and in the middle of a sea of vines, learn how to recognize the grape variety that are used to make Champagne.

A prestigious heritage

Settled in Reims, Epernay or in the vineyards, they have contributed to make Champagne what it has become – the ultimate symbol of prestige. Discover the history of the Grandes Maisons de Champagne and the life of their charismatic founders. You will be impressed by the boldness and the determination of those exceptionnal men and women.

Another highlight of your stay will be the visit of the Champagne cellars. You will have the chance to take a glance at millions of bottles that are aging in the steady temperature of the “crayères”, before being shipped all over the world.

A land of History

Admire remains aging from the Roman Empire, historical period during which Durocortorum (Reims) was a renowned marketplace and the capital of the Gallia Belgica province.

Discover also the part of the history that gave to Reims its fame. Indeed, not less than 29 Kings of France were crowned in the city. The magnificent Cathedral Notre Dame, a true Gothic Art masterpiece, is one of the most beautiful – and impressive – legacy from this period.

Finally, immerge yourself in the recent history of the region, where the surrender was signed in 1945, ending one of the darkest period in the modern History.

A rich gastonomy

You will find out, the Champagne region has a very rich gastronomic heritage… Even if the Champagne is the most prestigious example, there are other delicious regional specialities. You will taste the unique flavour of biscuits rose, croquignoles, local mustard or Champagne ratafia.

To appreciate this gastronomy, you are invited to prestigious restaurants where famous Chefs are emphasizing the best products. The region has numerous Michelin-starred restaurants, the most difficult part is to choose !

How to get there ?

Whether it is by air, rail or road, Champagne is easily accessible.

By rail

45 min from Paris
1h30 from Lille
1h50 from Strasbourg

By road

1h30 min from Paris
3h from Brussels
2h15 from Lille

By air

30 min from Paris CDG
by TGV (1h30 by road)
25 min from Paris Vatry

La Champagne

La Champagne