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Art Deco Architecture in Reims

Reims, best known for its majestic cathedral, hides many other treasures. Among them, Art Deco architecture holds pride of place. Our INSTANTS TOURS travel agency invites you to discover this little-known facet of Reims, a real journey back in time through the streets of this city rich in history. Join your expert guide on a walking tour and discover the emblematic buildings that bear witness to the reconstruction of Reims after the First World War.

Rebuilding Reims after the World War One

A city 85% destroyed

World War One left deep scars in Reims, the French city hardest hit by the conflict. Indeed, 85% of Reims was destroyed during the war, transforming the city into an immense field of ruins. Incessant bombing ravaged homes, infrastructure and historic monuments. However, as soon as the war ended in 1918, Reims embarked on a vast reconstruction project.

Reconstruction: a colossal undertaking

The reconstruction of Reims was a colossal project, involving architects, craftsmen and town planners from all over the world. The face of the city was redefined, adopting the most fashionable architectural style of the time: Art Deco. This style, characterized by its geometric shapes, clean lines and ornamental motifs, breathed new life into Reims, creating a modern, elegant aesthetic.


Art Deco Architecture: A Rémoise Identity

Characteristics of Art Deco

Art Deco is distinguished by its elegance and refinement. The style is characterized by the use of geometric shapes, stylized motifs and sophisticated decoration. The materials used were reinforced concrete, wrought iron, glass and ceramics, allowing great creative freedom. Art Deco is often associated with a luxurious, modern aesthetic, reflecting the optimism and dynamism of the 1920s.

Emblematic buildings in Reims

Among the many Art Deco buildings in Reims, some stand out for their splendor and history. These include the Carnegie Library, the Opéra de Reims, Les Halles du Boulingrin and the Église Saint-Nicaise.

The Carnegie Library

Built between 1921 and 1927, the Carnegie Library is a perfect example of Art Deco architecture. Donated by American philanthropist Andrew Carnegie, the library is a symbol of Reims’ post-war cultural renaissance. Its geometrically patterned facade and richly decorated interiors make it an architectural gem.

Reims Opera

The Opéra de Reims, also rebuilt in the 1920s, is another example of Art Deco. Its elegant façade and sumptuous interior decor reflect the optimism and artistic renewal of the period. A visit to this building will plunge you into the atmosphere of the Roaring Twenties.

Les Halles du Boulingrin

Built between 1927 and 1929, the Halles du Boulingrin is a remarkable example of Art Deco architecture. Their bold reinforced-concrete structure and elegant facade featuring geometric motifs make them a unique architectural gem. Designed by architect Emile Maigrot, the halles are a symbol of Reims’ post-war economic and commercial renaissance.

Saint-Nicaise Church

Less well known but just as impressive, the Église Saint-Nicaise was rebuilt in a unique Art Deco style. Its modern stained glass windows and clean lines bear witness to the architectural innovation of the period. This religious building is a striking example of how Art Deco was integrated into traditional structures.

A Walking Tour of Reims

An Immersive Experience

Treat yourself to an immersive experience at the heart of Reims’ Art Deco architecture. Accompanied by your expert guide, you’ll wander the city streets to discover these hidden treasures. Every building, every architectural detail will be highlighted, allowing you to understand the importance of this style in the reconstruction of Reims.

The legacy of Art Deco

Discover how Art Deco shaped the city’s modern identity. The style represents the renewal and resilience of Reims after the destruction of war. Art Deco buildings reflect the optimism and creativity of the 1920s, offering a window on an era of transformation and innovation.

Reims is a multi-faceted city, where history and modernity meet in harmony. The Art Deco architecture, omnipresent in the city center, is a vibrant testimony to post-war reconstruction and the optimism of the Roaring Twenties. When you choose our luxury tourism agency, you will enjoy an exclusive guided tour that will plunge you into the heart of this fascinating period.